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Pineapple Pastry (8pcs) 手工凤梨酥


  • 👍Made with New Zealand pure butter 纽西兰天然奶油
    👍 Fresh bake to order 现订现烘,新鲜出货
    👍 No Preservative 无添加防腐剂
    👍No adding wintermelon ,use 100% fresh pineapple 无冬瓜蓉 ,100%新鲜凤梨
    👍Filling is cooked for 5 hours & above 内馅熬煮5小时以上
  • 👍Full of pure pineapple fruit & fibre满满凤梨果肉纤维,吃得到,看得到

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Ingredients 成分

Fresh Pineapple, Butter, Wheat Flour, Glucose, Sugar, Egg, Ground Almond, Milk Powder, Salt, Permitted Flavouring-Vanilla Essence

新鲜凤梨, 牛油, 面粉, 葡萄糖, 糖, 鸡蛋, 杏仁粉, 牛奶粉, 盐, 香料(香草)

Net Weight : 300g x per box (8pcs Individual Packing 独立包装)

Shelf Life: 1 month


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