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Wife Cake (6 pcs) 老婆饼


One tells the tale of a couple that lived a very poor life, in imperial China. They loved each other and lived in a small village. Suddenly, a mysterious disease spread. The husband’s father became very sick. The couple spent all of their money in order to treat the man’s father, but he was still sick. The wife sold herself as a slave in exchange for money to buy medicine for her father-in-law. Once the husband learned about what his wife did, he made a cake filled with sweetened winter melon. He dedicated this pastry to his wife, whom he could never forget, and sold it in the street. His cake became so popular that he was able to earn enough money to buy his wife back. Winter melon and delicate glutinous rice flour are the main fillings for the wife’s cake. High-quality sesame seeds are sprinkled on the surface of the epidermis to add sesame flavour to the crust. The wife cake crispy skin, soften the filling heart, filling the heart of the melon to eat more rich taste.

传说有一对恩爱夫妻,媳妇自愿卖身为奴为家翁治病。失去妻子的丈夫却没气馁,努力研制出一款味道奇佳的饼,终以卖饼钱把妻子赎回,重过幸福的新生活。这款美食制法流传至今,被称为“老婆饼”。冬瓜及细腻的糯米粉是老婆饼主要的馅料,优质的芝麻撒在表皮上,让饼皮增添了芝麻香味。老婆饼外皮酥脆,馅心之润软化 ,馅心里的冬瓜让人吃了口感更加丰富,爱不释口。

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👍 Fresh bake to order 现订现烘,新鲜出货
👍Wrapped with winter melon 冬瓜蓉内馅
👍 No Preservative 无添加防腐剂

Ingredients 成分
Wheat Flour, Glutinous Rice Flour, Sugar, Glucose, Winter Melon, Butter Oil Substitute, Vegetable Oil (Palm Olein), Vegetable Shortening, Anchor Butter, Sesame, Salt, Egg (Egg Wash).
面粉, 糯米粉, 糖, 葡萄糖, 冬瓜, 酥油, 植物油(棕榈油), 植物白油, 安佳奶油, 芝麻, 盐, 鸡蛋(蛋清)。

Net Weight:360g (6pcs with Tray and Individual Packing 独立包装)

Allergen Info 食物过敏原
Contains Wheat and Dairy.

Storage Condition 保存方式
Store in a cool dry place, away from strong light. You may refrigerate it if you do not intend to consume it soon, and then reheat it using a baking/toaster oven at 180°C for 2-3minutes before consuming to obtain the fresh taste.
请保存于清凉干爽处,远离日光。如果还没要食用您可以冷藏至冰箱, 当要食用时再用烤炉180度烤2至3分钟。

Refrigerate to extend the shelf life for about 7-10days, reheat in oven or airfryer for 180°c, 2-4mins, to crisp up biscuit. Let biscuit cool down before eating.


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21 days