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Walnut Cookies (9 pcs) 核桃酥

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Regarded as one of the Chinese traditional all-time favorites, the Walnut Cookie never fails to bring out the joy of life. At SGT Food, our Walnut Cookies are made with freshly toasted ground walnuts, giving out a nice nutty aroma. Not too sweet and not greasy, it is baked till golden brown with its signature cracked lines. A cup of tea, a piece of walnut cookie, it’s definitely worth the experience.


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Ingredients 成分
Wheat Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Vegetable Shortening, Pure Butter, Ground Walnuts, Milk, Salt, Permitted Flavouring-Vanilla Essence, Leavening Agent-Baking Ammonia.
面粉, 鸡蛋, 糖, 植物白油, 天然奶油, 核桃, 牛奶, 盐, 香料(香草), 膨松剂-碳酸氢铵。

Allergen Info 食物过敏原
Contains Wheat, Dairy and Nuts.
包含麦, 乳制品与坚果类。

Storage Condition 保存方式
Store in a cool dry place, away from strong light.

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Weight280 g
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3 months


Walnut Cookies