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Mocha Heong Peah (10 pcs) 摩卡香饼


Fancy coffee and chocolate at the same time? How about having both in one bite? SGT Food proudly introduces its latest creation, the Mocha Heong Peah. Delight your taste buds with the wonderful aroma of coffee and divine chocolate. Combining the chocolate-flavored flaky layered pastry with the filling of fragrant mocha for the real luxurious mocha taste, your taste buds have a double enjoyment and leave your teeth cheeks. C’mon, let’s have some~


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👍 Fresh bake to order 现订现烘,新鲜出货
👍 No Preservative 无添加防腐剂
👍Combination of coffee & chocolate 咖啡与巧克力的结合😋

Ingredients 成分
Wheat Flour, Glucose, Sugar, Vegetable Oil(Palm Olein), Vegetable Shortening,  Butter, Full Cream Milk Powder, Natural Instant Coffee, Chocolate Malt Powder, Salt.
面粉, 葡萄糖, 糖, 植物油(棕榈油), 植物白油, 奶油, 奶粉, 天然即溶咖啡, 巧克力麦芽粉, 盐。

Allergen Info 食物过敏原
Contains Wheat and Dairy.

Storage Condition 保存方式
Store in a cool dry place, away from strong light.
保存方式: 请保存于清凉干爽处,远离日光。

Net Weight: 400g x per pack (10pcs individual packing 独立包装)
Shelf life: 3 months

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Weight 800 g


Shelf Life

3 months