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Kaya Puff (5 pcs) 加央角

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Oh, so tempting! An attractive combination of the moderate almost sweet taste of kaya and puff. Puff meets Kaya is the best combination. The crispy puff wraps with the kaya filling. The main ingredients are pandan leaf and fresh coconut milk. When fresh, the aroma from the eggs is irresistible. The first bite can let you feel in paradise.

Oh, 好诱人! 浓浓椰奶香的咖椰搭配层层酥皮是最佳组合。新源珍酥脆加央角裹着咖椰馅料,主要材料是班兰叶和新鲜椰奶制成。咖椰馅料混合着蛋香味让人无法抗拒。

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Ingredients 成分
Wheat Flour, Fresh Coconut Milk, Sugar, Eggs, Vegetable Oil (Palm Olein), Anchor Butter, Vegetable Shortening, Salt, Pandan Leaf.
面粉, 新鲜椰奶, 糖, 鸡蛋, 植物油(棕榈油), 安佳奶油, 植物白油, 盐, 班兰叶。

Allergen Info 食物过敏原
Contains Wheat

Storage Condition 保存方式
Store in a cool dry place, away from strong light.

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