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Husband Pastry (10 pcs) 老公饼


  • SGT Food Heong Pastry, also known as the Husband Biscuit (lao gong bing). A thousand layers of crispy pastry sprinkled with sesame, providing a great smell of sesame.
  • Heong Pastry Coffee= Have A Nice Day.
  • They’re perfectly sized for a dip into a hot beverage. Great with coffee, or some say even better with tea.
  • 新源珍香饼皮的另名也叫老公饼。千层酥脆的饼皮撒上芝麻,饼皮中还带有葱香味,品尝后满口芝麻和葱香味。老公饼浸泡在热饮中弥漫着香甜的味道,让人陶醉其中。
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👍Made with France pure butter 法国天然奶油
👍 Fresh bake to order 现订现烘,新鲜出货
👍 No Preservative 无添加防腐剂
👍 Without filling, layers of crispy pastry 无内馅,千层饼皮咸香脆

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Shortening, Butter Oil Substitute, Pure Butter, Wheat Germ, Sesame, Fried Shallots, Salt
成分:面粉, 糖, 植物白油, 酥油, 天然奶油, 麦胚, 芝麻, 油炸红葱头, 盐。

Allergen Info: Contains Wheat and Dairy.

Storage Condition: Store in a cool dry place, away from strong light.

Net weight: 260g x per box(10pcs with Individual Packing独立包装)

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Weight 800 g
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Husband Pastry (Free Gift)