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  • Tau Sar Peah (10 pcs) 豆沙饼


    SGT Food’s Tau Sar Peah main ingredients are mung beans and shallots. The pastry is soft and delicately wrapped with fresh yellow split mung beans. Eating a mouthful is even more beautiful. The sleek, rounded pastry is thin and wrap with thick yellow split mung beans filling. It is a pleasure time to have a cup of coffee with a piece of SGT Food Tau Sar Peah.

    新源珍豆沙饼主要成分是纯正绿豆沙精制而成。酥皮软细腻包裹着醇厚的豆沙内馅。吃上一口,更是妙不可言。外形圆润 皮薄馅厚浓浓绿豆香, 深受广大人民喜爱。

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